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We are a small company with huge ambitions - not for us, but for what we can achieve together with our partners and collaborators.

We have opportunities for collaboration and distribution in countries across Asia (and beyond); just a sample of some of the solutions we can talk about:

  • CitiAct - an online citizens reporting system developed by Redtone IoT here in Malaysia - we have wolrwide rights to market, so talk to me about his opportunity

    Check it out here: www.riot.com.my and talk to me on +60169839715 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Renewable energy solutions - from industrial parks to remote off-grid villages - chat to me about what you or your contacts may need; we have a huge range of solutions to create what you need.

    Human-powered, sun-powered, wind-powered, water-powered, bioufuel and biomass- powered - anything is possible
  • Communications systems (for remote locations) - for education, for emergencies and for general contact - we can create amateur radio and Outernet (www.outernet.is) solutions to meet your need
  • Remote community complete solutions - we have Programmes to address income security, energy security, food security, education and more - and we want to visit your country to see how we can help (and still follow the PaRaSSE Formula:)

Click on the Contact Us page so we can get together to talk about you and your business.