* Get (and keep) better workers for your Organic or Chemical-Free Farm

* Attract more (and better)

* Superb for Client Relationships

* Even a possible very lucrative additional revenue stream (read about it at the bottom:)


Hi, Dennis McMahon here - Australian, traveller, entrepreneur, active WWOOFER and hammock dweller.

The WAWA products and services below are based on my experiences WWOOFing in both Asia and Australia.

The WAWA will keep everybody happy:)


Wawa mockup 1

Your WAWA will be kinda like this - only way, way better:)


Being an Organic (or Chemical-Free or Natural) Farmer is NOT just about growing good healthy food, free from the toxins that pollute both our bodies and our environment.

Or it shouldn't be anyway.

Being an Organic Farmer should mean that your philosophy includes caring - caring for the environment and caring for people - your family, your customers - and your workers.

And, for your Workers, it should mean you care enough to do what's right by them.

* Making sure your workers are safe and healthy on the farm.

* Making sure you treat them well and with the respect they deserve.

* Making sure they are paid well - organic farms are, by their very nature, highly manual, so the work is hard. Your workers deserve to be paid appropriately for the hard work they do.

* Making sure they have good facilities on the farm - especially if they live on the farm.

Being a WAWA farm means that you do care - and you show it.

What is a WAWA?

A WAWA is a self-contained Worker And WWOOFER Accommodation unit.

NB: If you are an Organic farmer and you don't know about WWOOFERs and aren't tapping into the WWOOFER global network, you are missing out on an enormous advantage - WWOOFERs are Willing Workers on Organic Farms, volunteers who will come and work on your farm in return for accommodation and food.

More on WWOOFERs later - and how WAWA can help you get more, and better, WWOOFERs.


Sample WAWA

Prototype WaWA under construction

Built entirely on site using locally supplied materials, products and labour, your WAWA comfortably sleeps 6 people (Workers and WWOOFERs, so it doubles up in benefits)

The WAWA is self-contained accommodation made from locally available materials (bamboo, local wood, etc) with:

* 6 Separated bedroom cubicles

* 2 UDDT toilets and sluice showers

* Kitchen area

* Dining area

* Leisure area

* Pest control features such as mosquito and rodent proof mesh walls

* Natural flooring materials

* Waterproof roofing

Your WAWA is powered by the sun with a powerful 10kw Solar PV system and incorporates LED lights, fans, DC fridge, water tank, clothes washing and drying facilities - in fact, all of the facilities needed for Workers and WWOOFERs to live comfortably on your farm

Why should you WAWA?

Getting and keeping Workers is hard - people have way too many choices nowadays for employment.

Once you've got them, it's vital that you are the reason they stay - not the reason they leave.

Give your Workers good living facilities and their decision to leave becomes harder - and that's all you can hope for:)

And being able to offer a WAWA level of accommodation will WOW the Workers you want!!


As an active WWOOFER myself, let me share some inside information about WWOOFERs with you (and why you should not only welcome them with open arms but should actively seek them out).

1. WWOOFERs care - they are WWOOFERs because, like you, they care about organic food and organic farming. That means they are motivated to help you

2. They are intelligent people - many, probably most, WWOOFERs are graduates, taking time off from their careers to travel and experience life. They may have seen and done things that will benefit you and your farm.

3. They are FREE labour - apart from their food and accommodation (i.e. your one-time WAWA investment provides that), you don't have to pay them anything

4. They are good for your business - just think of the huge social media networks that travellers have nowadays - Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, blogs and the rest.

You couldn't afford the PR and marketing exposure that WWOOFERs will give your business - it's not only free but Word of Mouth is so much more powerful than paid advertising (by an exponential power)

5. Expertise - you can even target the skillsets and knowledge you need to improve your farm and profits (for free!) - both local and global - by contacting universities, ag schools and agri-related research institutes and offering WWOOFing stays for their students

But ...

You have to be ready; you need your accommodation and facilities at a comfortable, livable standard.

Nobody wants to come to your farm if the facilities are crap - and if you're facilities aren't up to standard, it means you're not treating your Workers right either.

What you get with your WAWA Pack

* 1 x 8m x 15m (30' x 50') WAWA unit structure, built on-site with locally purchased materials and local labour - please note, the WAWA is a semi-temporary structure; check with your local authority but it shouldn't need any building permits.

If it does, unfortunately you will have to deal with that before I come to site:)

* 10kw solar pv and storage system

* water tank, tank stand, filters and all internal plumbing

* rodent and mosquito proof walls

* outdoor clothes line

* kitchen area and facilities (sinks, 4 burner gas cooker, dc fridge, eating and cooking utensils, preparation bench, LED light and fan)

* 6 sleeping cubicles, with hammocks, hammock posts, bag space, LED light and fan (separated by plastic canvas walls and privacy doorway

* clothes washing dual sink

* Dining area with dining table and 6 chairs with LED light and fan

* Leisure area with couch and beanbag chairs, bookshelf, LED light and fan

* 2 x separated toilet and sluice showers units with water reservoir, Urine Diverting Dry Toilets (UDDTs)

* 4 bicycles (gives the WWOOFERs a way to explore the area), bike shelter and racks

* large farm map board (inside the WAWA, so everybody can see the farm layout)

* a local language / English translation board (inside WAWA)

* a daily project / work board (so everybodies clear on their tasks for the day)

* signage for your farm areas (so your WWOOFERs don't get lost on the way to their jobs for the day:)

* 12months WiFi connection (where available)

* phone / laptop charging station

* oh, and you get to keep all the tools we use on the project (new tools are always in demand on a farm:)


Your WAWA comes at a standard price of only US$20,000, all-in (except as mentioned below).

If I am in your country for a previous WAWA Project, there will be no extra costs at all.

If I'm not in your country, I may have to charge you a budget economy return airfare. But we'll talk about it:)

I will come on site, scope possible WAWA siting locations, source local suppliers, hire the local labour and camp on site until the job is done.

But, with this level of care, I can only book one WAWA project a month.

Get your booking in early.

PS: and think about this - would it be good for loyalty, understanding and your client relationships if your Clients (the wholesalers, retailers, hoteliers, F & B managers, Restaurant owners) could visit AND stay at your farm? Get their hands dirty with THEIR product?

I think it will build the emotional attachment you need for the long term relationship, don't you?


Thank you




* 20% on booking

* 70% after arrival on site and site plan completed

* 10% on handover


Contact me on the channels below.

Extra Opportunities

We are also exploring creating Corporate Stress Relief Programmes in Cambodia (because there's nothing more "back to nature" than a WaWA at an organic farm:); nor is there anything better for stress than chopping compost or harrowing a seed row!!

If your Chemical-Free or organic farm is kinda close to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, talk to me.

Thank you again


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