Experience Travel - are you over it yet?

Ready for the Real Thing?


Hi, Dennis McMahon here - Australian, traveller, entrepreneur, active WWOOFER and hammock dweller.
The WAWA products and services below are based on my experiences WWOOFing in both Asia and Australia.

The WAWA is designed to keep everybody happy:)


For a few years now, the Travel Industry has latched onto Experience Travel - based on people's desire to not just "Sight See" any more.

Travellers now demand to "experience" things, to live like locals (even though most of the "locals" would like nothing more than the creature comforts the travellers have back home:)

But after experiencing temples and villages galore, what to do next?

Let me introduce a new experience - one that will educate you, relieve your stress and get you fitter.

But it's not a health farm, nor is it a retreat - no, very shortly, you will be able to see, and work, on the very farms where all of that beautiful healthy organic food is grown.


1ST JUNE 2016

Starting in Cambodia, we are setting up a network of WaWA-certified organic and chemical-free farm packages for the jaded Corporate Executive and Traveller.

Places you can go to get your hands dirty - and reconnect with the food you eat.

What's a WaWA?

A WaWA is a complete living, sleeping, eating and relaxing accommodation unit, designed for Workers and visitors at organic and chemical-free farms.

See more on the farm WaWa units here http://gbjvt.com/wawa-units

We can't share a star rating with you on the WaWA (don't think hammocks have a category:) - but you will be comfortable.

The design of the WaWA is to make life comfortable for Workers and visitors; but that's just the accom bit.

Your experience of how healthy food is grown naturally, and doing your part, will connect you and ground you like nothing else.

But please - don't be thinking that organic equals some hippy, freaky drop out thing - we love our internet and being connected as much as you do (and our beer and wine and good times and .... anyway) so wherever possible, we will give you the biggest, fattest wifi pipe we can get (and, while a lot doesn't work in Cambodia, the wifi is normally great!)

And as we plan the WaWA Network to be at farms around Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Kampot (for reasons I'll explain below, it won't be a problem).

What you get with your WaWA Farm Stay & Work Package

  • 5 day / 4 night stay on organic or chemical-free farm
  • Separate single hammock room (although go for two in a hammock if you think you can:)
  • Shared sluice showers and toilets
  • 10kw solar power system
  • On-farm medical and health insurance (they are working farms after all - and stuff happens)
  • All on-farm meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Easy access to the exciting nightlife of Cambodia's busiest cities (which one depends which farm you stay at) just in case the serenity of the farm takes it's toll - and you just need to GET OUT!)
  • And - all the farm work you can take!!

Package Restrictions

The WaWA's will be built to accommodate 6 people, but with workers etc, we expect there will be room only for a maximum of 4 guests at any one time, so we will open the WaWA's for pre-bookings by 1st of June with the first WaWA's available for stays by 1st October (just at the close of the wet season in Cambodia).

Wet season bookings will be dictated to some degree by just how wet the season is - no point being flooded in to your WaWA (unless that's how you want it to be:)

At certain other times, the farmer may restrict visits due to farm operations, but we will be notified of these in advance.


1. Airfares to and from nearest airport

2. Alcoholic Drinks (by all means place your orders with our staff, you just have to pay for them - but Cambodian drinks prices are some of the lowest I've seen)

3. Night out costs - same as 2

4. Shopping stuff

5. Um, don't think there's anything else


Your 5 day / 4 night WaWA package is US$1,990

Contact me here for more info:

Dennis McMahon

CEO Green Business JV Marketing Sdn Bhd

Ph: +60169839715

(also Whatsapp)

Cambodia ph: +85568678323

Web: www.gbjvt.com


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