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Our Project Alert Programme has been designed to help businesses in the construction and related products market to succeed. Whether your definition of success is getting your product specified, winning a main tender or coming out on top with your quotation, we can help you find projects that suit you.

Unrivalled access to project information is the foundation upon which we have designed our range of Project Alert Programme solutions for you.

Catering to product manufacturers & suppliers, main contractors, subcontractors, design specifiers and professional service firms, we are here to support your business at every step of your sales process

New GBJVM service for contractors and building product vendors

The Problem

We have found that it can be difficult for contractors and building and construction product vendors like you to keep up with the many construction projects that have the potential to use your products.

The Solution

We have access to information on thousands of active Projects in Malaysia, which we can now share with you based on your "needs and capacities" profile.


One of the key benefits of our service is that it categorises not only by project type but also by stage of project from concept right through to sub-contract award.

Some of the information includes:

  • Whether the project is to be rated green through GBI, and the intended rating level
  • Key decision makers: developers, architects, design consultants & contractors
  • Estimated cost and construction timetable
  • Stage of planning, design, tender or construction
  • Description of a project and its key components

The GBJVM Project Alert Programme

We have developed the GBJVM Project Alert Programme, to offer you a customised Project Alert Programme service.

NB: Currently, we only provide project information for Projects in Federal Territory, Johor, Penang and Selangor

Industry Categories we cover in these States and Territories

We cover these Categories (all sub-categories in each category except where the sub-categories listed in brackets)

We can provide Alerts on all Stages of Projects from Concept to Sub-Con Award

  • Utilities
  • Transport
  • Retail
  • Residential
  • Recreation (Club House)
  • Oil and Gas
  • Office
  • Mining
  • Legal
  • Infrastructure
  • Industrial
  • Hotel (Motel, Hostel, Backpacker Accommodation, Resort Complex)
  • Health (Nursing Home, Aged-care Facility)
  • Education and Research
  • Community (Community Halls, Community Centres, Fire stations, Emergency Centre)

Programme Details

3 Levels: Basic, Silver and Gold

Basic Membership

As a Basic Member of the Programme, we will provide you with a report containing up to 10 projects per month that fit your sales profile.

This may be defined in several ways to suit your needs, from:

  • Stage of project (you may prefer to be alerted to projects at the concept stage, so you can approach developers or architects very early on or your sales cycle may be better suited to later stage awards, when main cons are awarding sub-contracts)

  • Type of project - residential vs commercial, highway / civil vs buildings

  • Size of project - your sales may be more profitable with larger projects rather than smaller ones

  • Basically, we will create your profile with you, and send you a monthly list of projects that fit your profile.

  • Other customised parameters to suit you and your products

For Basic Membership to the Programme, we are offering you a monthly fee of only RM295, with no minimum contract period (RM3,000 per annum).

Value-added memberships

Should you wish to enjoy even greater service, we are also offering Silver and Gold Memberships.

Silver Membership - Benefits of Silver Membership

For Silver Members, we will also:

  • make telephone contact with the relevant Project contact (maximum 10 per month) and
  • further clarify the opportunities for you, so you need only follow up with those projects that have REAL potential for you.

The additional monthly fee for Silver membership is only RM200 per month, so total Silver membership is RM495 per month - again, no minimum contract period

Gold Membership - Benefits of Gold Membership

For Gold Members, you will enjoy the benefits of the Basic and Silver memberships; plus

  • We will arrange and attend the initial meetings with the relevant contact and provide you with a Report on each regarding your prospects for success and what the client is looking for

The additional monthly fee for Gold Membership is only RM400 per month, so total Gold membership is RM895 per month (no minimum contract period)

If you would like to try this new service, please choose from the Drop Down membership menu below - and there are no minimum contracts.

You can also change from any of the memberships to any other for a given month (and back again the next if you like) at any time, with no penalty.

NB: Payments are monthly in advance. Annual Memberships are also available which will give you a 15% reduction in the annual fee.(Note - cancellations and refunds not applicable for Annual Memberships).

You can pay directly through Paypal or by Credit / Debit Card (choices are offered after clicking through)

Membership Options

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If you refer a client who buys,
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