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What do we do?


From the desk of the CEO, Dennis McMahon

After a long time of being asked (and asking ourselves) that question,
aquaponicsI think we can finally answer (to ourselves, if not to everybody else:)


What we are and what we do

We are a Problem Chaser & Solution Creator that defines
the problems we chase through our PaRaSSE Formula.

And - we are a very small team -

with a very BIG Network

PaRaSSE - Profitable and Replicable and Scalable Social Entrepreneurship


PaRaSSE Image

This needs a little explanation if you are to understand how we operate, so please bear with me.

Some positioning statements and definitions to start:


Charities, Non-profits, NGO's, Governments and Aid Agencies


soda bottle lights

We think these bodies have a (very) minor role in short-term emergency relief when people are dying or starving or just need a lifeline or safety net to get them over a hurdle.

Other than that, all of these organisations need to get out of the way of a vibrant, local private sector economy -particularly in developing countries, the "for-profit" local entrepreneur will still be there when the big Aid agencies, or the small underfunded charitable NGO, have come and gone.

But .... whether she has a business left after you have been and dumped all of your "free stuff" is a debatable point.

Non-private sector organisations need to understand that they are potential "weapons of mass destruction" for local economies and communities, if they are not empathic enough to come and help by learning what is really needed (and not just dumping their own agenda on the communities).

And by knowing when it's time to leave.


Our PaRaSSE Definitions


community healthcare workerPeople get hung up about profit, but in reality, profit is just a mathematical equation

Value of Sale V (what you give me for the goods or services) - Cost of Sale C (the costs of all of my inputs, from goods, to time, to amortised services and overheads)

If V is greater C than I am selling at a profit

If C is greater than V than I am selling at a loss

But that equation will define whether I am still around in 6 months or 5 years to keep solving problems and supporting our clients and partners. And as we want to be around for a long time, profitability is key to whatever solutions we propose for problems we find.



Replicable means that if we do something once, can we do it again? And  again? without having to re-invent everything again?

And more importantly, can somebody else do it too, if we show them how?ham radio

If we can, we have the potential for something great, something that can live on with or without us.



If we have a solution to a social or community problem that is profitable and replicable (in a small way) but is not scalable to a regional or global level, then we obviously have limitations on the effectiveness of the solution.

Doesn't necessarily mean that we won't look to solve the problem but it loses some priority along the way.



lightup borneo micro hydro swan


By social, we mean society and community - we look for the problems that affect societies and communities and see if we can apply our PaRaSSE Formula to the problem - if we can , then we work on that solution until we get it right.





To be quite honest, if there's not a unique twist to the solution (innovative technology, a new delivery model, a better business model) we just can't get excited about the solution (no matter how much we want to solve the problem:)

Entrepreneurship is in our blood (which basically means that we are a never-ending start-up:), so don't expect the normal solutions to be offered if we see a problem we like.

  1. So first we look at the Problem
  2. Then we run it through the PaRaSSE Formula
  3. If it's a match, we start to look at the possible solutions - who do we know? what can be used? how can we adapt this for that? etc

So bearing in mind the PaRaSSE Formula, we need to be constantly asking ourselves how can we solve the many problems we see in the world around us?

bicycle power

Problem areas we are interested in

  • Energy security
  • Water security
  • Income security
  • Waste management
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Quality of Life
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Safety & Security
  • Education & Training
  • Opportunities and information access

We realised that the solutions to these community-wide problems can only come from the integration of 3 areas:

  1. Government policy settings (Government level)
  2. Behaviour change (People level)
  3. Systems and infrastructure that enable the changes (System level)

We feel we can have a direct impact in the last 2 areas (People and Systems) - and an indirect impact on the first (Government policy).

Problems we are solving

Energy security

  • Complete power solutions for remote & rural off-grid communitiessolar light
  • Independent Industrial Park Power Solutions
  • Shore-to-Ship Power at Ports
  • Human-powered energy generation
  • Solar PV energy supply
  • Micro-hydro energy supply
  • Biogas power supply



Water security

rainwater harvesting

  • Rainwater harvesting solutions
  • Water quality improvement technologies


    Income security

    • Innovative income and business solutions for the orang asli house being builtdisempowered





    Waste management

    • Large city waste management solutionscompost toilet
    • Small community waste management

    Health & Hygiene

    • Sanitation, toilets, waste management

    Quality of Life

    • Happiness
    • Contentment
    • Land security
    • Family security

    Transportation & Logistics

    • Crowd Transportation solutions

    Safety & Security

    • Protection solutions for foreign workers
    • outernet communication lantern

    Education & Training

  • Off grid, local community education
  • Opportunities and information access

    • Creating Outernet Use-Cases and Solutions for Remote Communities
    • Providing Amateur (Ham) Radio Systems for Remote Communities

    Examples of Problems and Solutions

    1. Problem: Lack of protection of foreign unskilled workers

      - End-to-end systems for ensuring foreign workers get the benefits they came for and the protections they deserve

      Our HiQ Foreign Worker Support Systems are in development and will be launched soon.

      These ICT based systems will enable both employers and foreign workers to enjoy the true benefits of foreign work; the skillset and human resources for the employers, the safe working conditions and money to support the family at home for the workers.

      HiQ will be an end to end solution for both unskilled workers and skilled employees, supported by robust and secure IT systems and integrated mobile apps to make the foreign work experience safe and mutually convenient for both employers and workers.

    2. ASEAN CleanTech Network - solving city wide problems with City Leaders, from water to energy to waste to transportation and more - with ASEAN Cleantech solution providers

      See more detail here

      ASEAN Cleantech Network (ACN) will leverage off the huge cleantech solution provider base in ASEAN, and, by using smart systems integration, will enable city level solutions
    3. ASEAN CleanTech Network Logo

    4. FastBuild Prefab Housing - supporting Malaysian innovation to meet the need for Malaysian affordable homes - and to expand to other ASEAN countries to increase Malaysia's exports

      The IP for FastBuild will be in the IT systems we create, enabling smart sourcing and integration of IBS building materials and on-site assembly and supervision; this provides low-cost, architect designed, quality housing for the modern ASEAN family

      Our FastBuild Prefab System is in development and will be launched soon.

    Thank you for visiting us - we hope we can help you to find what you are looking for.