How Does Your Garden Grow?

With hard work & wasted time?

Or do you want an easy to manage, beautiful


Smart Auto-Fertigation System

for your Garden or Landscape?



Modern technology has come to Kuala Lumpur to save you (and your garden) from endless drudgery, wasted money and huge water and electricity bills:)

The latest in IoT (Internet of Things) sensors and controllers means that your garden can get just the right amount of water and organic fertilizers that your plants and soil need for best health and beautiful growth.

Our new GreenFinger Automated Fertigation Packages will give you a headache (and backache:)-free garden that you can enjoy to the full, knowing that you have both a beautiful garden AND that you are helping the Planet by not wasting water, fertilizer and electricity - "just enough, when it's needed".


Automated Fertigation Systems

for your Garden at Home or at your Business

Suitable for:

Large House Gardens, Sports Grounds, Parks, Common Areas,

Hotels, Shoplots, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Factories

Installing across Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley now

(other parts of Malaysia soon)


What you get

Your GreenFinger Automated Fertigation system gives you:

  1. Engineer designed irrigation systemSelection of Sprayers, Sprinklers, Misters, Drip Tape and Drip Pipe to suit your Landscape
  2. Electric Pump to fit capacity
  3. Solar PV Panel system electricity generation for the pump (optional)
  4. 4-Area Zoning Controller System to maximise control of your fertigation and optimise electricity, water and fertilizer usage
  5. Zone-based Soil Moisture Sensors to ensure accurate fertigation when your plants need it
  6. Smart Electricity and Water Meters so we can track and minimise your water and power consumption
  7. WiFi-connected, remotely managed system, enables us to be alerted about (and respond to) any problems be3fore you even know about them
  8. Monthly Reports
  9. No Touch” Plant & Garden Maintenance Systems – we do it all for you, with a Monthly Service Call (1st 12 Months Free)
  10. Automatic Organic Fertigation - means your plants thrive – with no work from you!(First 12 months Organic Fertilizer supply free)

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