Con-Cool ASEAN Cold Chain Network


Changing the face of



Without proper storage and handling, farmers, retailers and consumers miss out.


Post-harvest losses rise, produce rots in transit, appearance (which counts at the retailer and consumer side) is spoiled so the farmer loses out all along the chain - and the cost of production goes up for each fruit or vegetable that does make it to the store, so the Consumer has to pay more.


It's a vicious cycle that needs to be broken!


And this applies to all produce grown and products caught - but for the perishables (vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood and meat) it's devastating.


The simple (but by no means easy) answer is to ensure proper handling, storage and transport from farm to store, including (and especially) cold storage


But how can this be done where there is no power, either on-farms, at the collection points or even on the transport vehicles?


The answer?


We believe that the power of technology can help - so we have created the


Con-Cool ASEAN Cold Chain Network Programme


Using a combination of CON-COOL’S Coolbot, ColdHubs and Refriends solar powered cold rooms, we can connect the Chain with strong links.


Either fixed or transportable, and in customisable sizes between 10’x10’x7’ up to 40’ container size, these units solve most (even if not all) the Cold Chain Network linkages


And what exactly is a Cold Chain Network?


A Cold Chain Network (or CCN) is an integrated set of efficient cold rooms and transport vehicles along the logistics chain, enabling perishable produce, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and seafood, to be handled correctly for optimum quality from harvest to packing to storage to transport to market


It means that produce never warms to a point where spoilage and bacteria levels may cause health problems - and ensures maximum profit for producers as well as huge reductions in crop post-harvest loss, while still keeping prices for Consumers down.


What will CON-COOL do to create the CCN?


Beginning in Cambodia, we will work with the high end producers - the organic and agro-ecology farmer groups, because their produce per unit is more valuable. We will establish their locations, facilities and the gaps in their CCN at the moment.


Once we have done that, we can map out how to plug those gaps, with Coolbot, ColdHubs and other units, both fixed and portable, as needed.


Then we will identify suitable Owner / Managers for the units; these may be entrepreneurs, farmers groups or even farmers themselves. These Owner / Managers will then be provided with the Con-Cool 3 Year Rent to Own Programme


We will support them in their business to quickly move beyond breakeven to profit, while at the same time, providing a critical step in the value chain for producers.


Security and Customisation Measures


We will enhance the Units on arrival (or in fabrication) with the following security and customisation measures:


  • Access keypad / keycard with individual access
  • Cctv + video
  • Temperature sensors for data logging and sms alerts for over-temp occurences
  • Gps geolocation tracker
  • Fire and theft insurance
  • Gsm remote activation / deactivation
  • Customised compartments to suit client and local produce needs


Power Consumption saving measures


We will also reduce the overall power consumption needed (building a larger safety margin for the solar system) with the following unique enhancements:

  • Endocube Power Reduction Technology
  • Thermoshield Thermal

Manager Owner Business Plan & Strategy

Each Owner / Manager will receive their own customised business plan and marketing strategy; including:


  • Map harvest timings and needs for local area
  • Offer services for non-farm users (domestic storage, medical supplies, butchers, etc) to maintain high occupancy rates
  • Other target groups relevant to the geographic area


Benefits and Resources for Owner Managers

  1. 3 year Rent2Own Programme
  2. Pre-booking business mapping market validation study
  3. Dynamic pricing model to optimise revenue in times of high demand and optimise occupancy in times of low demand
  4. Simple application and pre-qualification process
  5. Post-booking support for business and marketing plan preparation
  6. Spares package
  7. Operations and maintenance guide
  8. Con-Cool Cold Room units, with technology selected to suit the individual circumstances
  9. Cctv security with on-unit video
  10. Access keypad / keycard system
  11. Technical support (phone and field)
  12. Customised storage compartments to suit local needs
  13. GSM remote activation / deactivation of ColdHubs unit
  14. GPS tracker in case of theft
  15. Theft, fire, damage and income loss (during replacement or repair period) insurance for 3 year rent to own period
  16. Simple monthly rental payments (in advance)
  17. 50% reduction in monthly rentals in year 3 (equals increased profits)
  18. Full ownership after 36 months rental payments
  19. Easy security bond system (2 months on booking)
  20. Full bond return after 36 months transfer of ownership
  21. Choice of sizes to suit - 10'x10'x7', 20'x10'x8', 40'x10'x8' (all sizes in feet) and customisable as clients require
  22. Support for Revenue planning for profit plan


If you are interested in becoming a Con-Cool Owner Manager of a solar powered cold room unit (or many:), please contact Dennis McMahon on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone on +60169839715 (whatsapp) or +85568678323


I will send you the Full Con-Cool Business Info Kit, including Application Form, Revenue & Profit Projections and more.


Con-Cool for Farmers

And, of course, we aren't forgetting the most important people out - the Producers.


For Farmers, we will provide all the support we can to make sure they maximise their profit with proper handling and care of their crops and their land, from planting to growing to harvest to packing and storage.


Benefits for Con-Cool Cold Room Users


For producers, we will provide all of these things:

  • Produce specific advisory support (via field days, easy to use guides and other channels)
  • Soil management
  • Water management
  • Seed management
  • Integrated / agroecology / organic farming support
  • Growth cycle
  • Land prep advice
  • Planting advice
  • Irrigation and through-growth crop management advice
  • Harvest advice
  • Post-harvest
  • Harvest and post-harvest / pre-cool room product care and management guides including product specific:
  • * harvest timing
  • * at pick care
  • * removal from field care
  • * cleaning, handling and packing for cool room
  • * transport to cool room (duration, produce care)
  • * cool room storage (optimum temperature range, moisture, duration in cool room)
  • * removal from cool room
  • * packaging for transport (cold chain logistics)
  • * packaging for transport (for both cold and non-cold chain logistics)
  • After harvest land care and management
  • Fallowing
  • Cover crops
  • Marketing support
  • * linkages to premium markets
  • * product presentation
  • * product branding
  • * product market intelligence to gain strength in negotiations




Con-Cool's CCN also gives access to refrigeration for:

  • * domestic bulk purchases of perishables
  • * commercial bulk purchases of perishables
  • * storage of bulk meats (butchers, fish sellers etc)
  • * storage of medical supplies (plasma, vaccines, other perishables)
  • * dairy products
  • * schools
  • * hospitals
  • * other perishable products


Con-Cools Own Marketing and Distribution Strategy


Rewarding Introducers


Con-Cool plans to tap in to the strength of it's network, by offering an Introducers Fee for all Clients introduced. But this is not a simple intro and walk away - we expect our Introducers to do the bulk of the data collection work before they Introduce - so we can all move smoothly to a successful deal.


And because we expect effort from our Introducers, we also expect to reward them handsomely.


We will reward our introducers with 5% of monthly rental value ($150 / $250 / $400 - 10’/20’/40’) per month payment for years 1 and 2 and $75/$125/$200 per month for year 3


That works out to between $4,500 and $6,000 per Introduction over the 3 year Introducers fee period (i.e. same duration as the Rent2Own Rental Period)


Tools for our Introducers

  • Introducers guide to gaining Con-Cool clients
  • * q and a / information template
  • * introduction process


The story for Financiers


Obviously, if we are providing a Rent2Own Plan for Owner Managers, the initial capital financing will come from external parties. While we review a Social Impact Bond Fund for this purpose, there is the opportunity for local banks to support and gain commercial returns, with lending on low risk profiles.


The ways we intend to lower the risk profile for Lenders:

  • * Collateral (the unit) - transportable, easily transferred from defaulting owner to new owner without break in payment flows
  • * high demand
  • * Full fire, damage and theft insurance with financier as beneficiary including stored product loss, so no liabilities against Con-Cool
  • * Security bond protection against default (held by financier)
  • * gps geolocational tracker in cases of unit theft
  • * ability to remotely activate and deactivate units (in case of default)


For more information, contact Dennis McMahon on +60169839715 (whatsapp best) or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it