About Green Business JV Marketing Sdn Bhd

Green Business JV Marketing is a Malaysian company, created in 2011 and based in Kuala Lumpur (but managing somehow to also do stuff for clients in other parts of Malaysia), for the purposes of supporting the growth of Malaysian companies with green products and services.

It is owned and operated by myself (Dennis McMahon) with my business partner Kartik and we are currently overwhelmed with the number of opportunities we have to help our clients grow their businesses:)

Our philosophy is that you get to choose whether the business you do is old-fashioned, out-dated and damaging to the world we live in - or whether you choose to work with people who are passionate about their business, their products - and the environment.

We know which side we chose - do you?

Join us on this very green journey, while we all make a big difference - profitably, ethically and sustainably.

Call now (my handphone +60169839715) if you are a company with green products and want to sell more of them (or want to be), or if you want to buy green products - we can help you there also.